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Still unknown by many, the incredibly talented Inuit artists of northern Labrador produce a treasure of unique work that is strongly connected with tradition and an evolving way of life.

The north coast of Labrador is the home of the five Nunatsiavut communities – Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, Postville and Rigolet – from where these amazing artists and craft makers draw their inspiration.

Inuit art from the Nunatsiavut Territory of Labrador is unique within the world of Canadian and circumpolar Inuit art.  As a coastal people who live both above and below the tree line, Inuit artists and craftspeople have access to a diverse range of Arctic and Subarctic flora and fauna.

From this,  they produce a wide array of distinct and beautiful objects using both locally sourced materials like stone, grass, wood, sealskin and rabbit fur, while also using contemporary art and craft supplies such as wool, metal, cloth, and paper.

Excitingly, in recent decades a growing number of artists and craftspeople have been producing dynamic and striking new work.  This work includes painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, video, pottery and other innovative forms, or working with traditional materials in new and unexpected ways. All of this indicates a promising future for art and craft in Nunatsiavut.